Medical Weight Management

RBMA Wellness Center includes a full nutrition and preventative wellness clinic centered around cutting edge individualized technologies that will help optimize your health, reduce your medication load, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, improve your quality of life, and help prevent disease. RBMA Wellness Center has partnered with Cornerstone wellness MD for the past 15 years providing education, nutrition and prevention to all our clients

  • Obesity is the only chronic disease that clinicians usually treat acutely
  • Significant and rapid weight loss typically results in muscle catabolism and lower BMR
  • Lower BMR always results in eventual regain of weight, fat, co-morbidities and frustration.
  • Instead of weight loss we need to concentrate on fat loss with muscle/BMR maintenance 
  • Intake of protein at one gram per pound of lean body mass preserves muscle and BMR
  • Essential to accurately and frequently monitor lean body mass and body fat

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss & Muscle Maintenance

  • Weight loss drugs effectively induce anorexia resulting in muscle and BMR decrement
  • All weight loss drugs cause tachyphylaxis due to membrane receptor down regulation
  • Protein and MCTs as appetite suppressants never cause tachyphylaxis 
  • Patients need evidence based tools for decades long results which Cornerstone delivers

Cutting Edge Technology

Cornerstone’s proprietary FDA Class 2 HIPPA compliant Internet driven BC4 bioimpedance device produces patient friendly graphics of LBM, BF% and excess BF in 6 seconds.

The only “machine learning” based algorithm has a coefficient of correlation to DEXA of r = 0.92 in the overweight population, the most accurate in the industry.

Easy to read history graph of weight, BF% and LBM stored in the cloud for patients and clinicians to access.

Dashboard automatically determines recommended protein and calorie intake based on activity levels as well as “goal date.”

Patient’s customized caloric intake is based on their BMRminus 10% and protein goal of one gram protein/lb of lean body mass.

DEXA Body Scan

DEXA body fat scans of two individuals with the same BMI. Notice the 400% difference in body fat (yellow) stressing the importance of relying on body composition rather than scale weight. DEXA is not convenient or realistic for regular monitoring. Therefore, we provide a quick, accurate DEXA matched alternative, the Cornerstone Wellness BC4.

Nutritional Supplementation

The key to better health, wellness and appearance is long term fat loss and muscle maintenance.

  • The most effective way is to consume one gram of protein per lb of lean body mass.
  • The most consistent and convenient way to achieve this is by drinking 2 Cornerstone protein shakes per day.
  • The shake will also reduce appetite making it easier to stay on track.
  • This would be in addition to fresh protein and produce with reduction in starchy food and sweets.
  • The other two supplements, MetAssist and OmegaHealth, also curb carb craving and reduce gut fat.

Cornerstone High Protein Medical Meal Replacement

  • Most delicious and creamiest consistency of any shake available anywhere.
  • Most satiating for incredible hunger control
  • Highest protein content of any natural medical meal replacement
  • Highest content of most bioavailable vitamins at 50-450% of RDA
  • Whey protein based with highest branched chain amino acids
  • All natural, gluten and soy free
  • MCTs for satiety and energy
  • Highest protein to carb ratio available
  • All 72 minerals not just essential minerals
  • Six different fibers for regularity
  • Made in the largest FDA compliant cGMP lab in the United States 

MetAssist: The Carb Craving Breakthrough

  • Markedly reduces carb cravings
  • Increases metabolism to aid fat loss
  • Prevents conversion of sugar to fat in liver
  • Decreases intestinal absorption of sugar
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Lowers blood sugar and A1C
  • Blocks sweet receptors on the tongue
  • Raises serotonin levels to curb stress eating

OmegaHealth: #1 in Potency, Purity, and Palatability

  • Omega 3 is essential for life, required by every cell
  • It is the parent anti-inflammatory of the body
  • Decreases high triglycerides, blood pressure and insulin resistance
  • Decreases abdominal fat, fatty liver and blunts appetite
  • Reduces risk of heart attack and stroke
  • OmegaHealth is processed under nitrogen to prevent rancidity and fishy smell
  • OmegaHealth is the purest as it is undergo triple molecularly distilled
  • Super high dose of 1280 mg per serving of EPA and DHA in 2:1 ratio as in nature
  • Oldest and most trusted source in the world since 1880
  • OmegaHealth produces no fish burps or heartburn

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike short term weight loss diets, Cornerstone focuses on fat loss and muscle maintenance with a plan you can use for a lifetime.

Unlike "one size fits all” programs, we use proprietary technology and supplementation customized to you. 
You will be eating healthy real food and supplementing your protein/vitamin/mineral needs with the best tasting most nutritious shake available.

Two other supplements will focus on reducing carb craving, gut fat and inflammation while increasing metabolism and energy levels.

After reaching your body fat goal, you’ll be able to maintain it indefinitely. You will not experience the frustrating “after-after” of other diets you may have tried.

The Cornerstone program was created by physicians exclusively for physicians to help them address the underlying cause of so many conditions related to excessive body fat. 

It is now available directly to you without the requirement of physician supervision.

The Cornerstone meal replacement has the highest levels of the most bioavailable protein, vitamins (50-450% of RDA) and all 72 minerals. There is no need to take a multivitamin while you are using the shakes. Because it is all-natural there is none of the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners.

There is no grittiness, just a creamy, smooth consistency. Unlike other weight loss shakes, Cornerstone was formulated to provide great nutrition for the whole family from toddlers to seniors. 

Because of its delicious taste, people chose to continue with a morning shake which provides superb nutrition and helps prevent regain.

You will never be hungry on the Cornerstone program.

You’ll be eating 3 healthy real food meals, 2 snacks, and 2 shakes every day.

The meal replacements are formulated for satiety without bloating or constipation.

MetAssist will reduce your carb and sweets cravings.

You can eat unlimited fresh veggies and more protein than you’re currently eating.

Take one to two MetAssist tablets before each meal.

MetAssist is formulated to do the following:

  • Reduce carb cravings, gut fat, and increases metabolism to aid fat loss 
  • Decreases intestinal absorption of sugar
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and reduces conversion of carbs to fat
  • Blocks sweet receptors on the tongue
  • Raises serotonin levels to reduce stress eating
Each person will have their own goal as far as the body fat level at which they are comfortable.

From a risk factor perspective, acceptable body fat for women is below 32% and 25% for men.

If you have obesity related conditions, you should see them improve significantly.

When you reach your goal, you may continue with a shake for breakfast as well as the supplements.

Cornerstone is truly the healthiest breakfast, especially when blended with berries.

If you start regaining, you can always go back to two shakes a day for a couple of weeks to get back down.
Cornerstone was developed by physicians to address dozens of diseases
associated with excess body fat.

A few of the conditions where doctors have noted significant improvements in
their patients' suffering include diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome,
hypertension, heart disease, fatty liver, sleep apnea, high triglyceride and

There are no known medical conditions or medications that would prevent you
from going on the Cornerstone program.
Almost all the diseases in the developed world are due to chronic inflammation.

Hundreds of medical studies show improvements with omega3 supplementation. Heart disease, cancer, asthma, arthritis, auto-immune conditions are examples. Omega3 is the parent anti-inflammatory of the whole body. OmegaHealth is the finest omega3 available due to the unique processing. Produced under a “nitrogen blanket" with no air exposure so there is no rancidity.

This prevents the horrible fishy taste and fish burps found in other brands. The purity is highest in the industry as it undergoes a triple molecular distillation. Contains the highest levels of EPA and DHA at 1280mg/serving.
Cornerstone shakes are dispensed by pediatricians and family doctors for great
nutrition and weight loss.

All natural with no artificial sweeteners or flavors, shakes are completely safe for
all kids. Children naturally do well with whey as mothers milk is 80% whey. Kids love the taste. Being in a liquid form, the vitamins and minerals are much better absorbed.

Shakes are a much better choice for kids than a breakfast of cereal, waffles or
pancakes. Children on the spectrum that have limited food preferences enjoy the shakes while getting great nutrition.

As far as weight loss, the Cornerstone shakes are helpful in all ages of kids.

Obese children pre-puberty have a greater than 50% chance of lifelong obesity. If they go through puberty obese that goes up to 75% chance of lifelong obesity.

If you have an overweight child the greatest gift you can give them is to get them on the shakes.
Cornerstone's goal for you is LIFETIME management of healthy body composition.

Yoyo dieting results in losing metabolic rate and storage of fat.

Once you reach your goals we suggest continuing your morning shake.

Continue taking OmegaHealth for its anti-aging properties.

Use the MetAssist as needed to curb carb craving, As we age, strength from muscle maintenance is the key to maintain mobility and quality of life.

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