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RBMA Wellness Center

Wellness Center, Women's Health, Skincare, Body Sculpting & Weight Management located in West Sacramento, CA

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About the Practice

RBMA Wellness Center provides a luxurious wellness experience to patients in West Sacramento, California, and surrounding areas. Board-certified osteopathic family physician Marc Concepcion, DO, and the team provide highly-personalized customer service and care to help patients meet their goals. 

The RBMA Wellness Center team follows a “core to floor” philosophy, which integrates advanced technology into a holistic and personalized wellness program for every patient. Medically-supervised weight management programs with remote monitoring allow patients to keep up with the required steps to reach their goals, while supplements assist by curbing cravings and regulating metabolism. 

Patients looking to refine their bodies even more can turn to Emsculpt® Neo, an advanced body contouring system that combines high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®) with radiofrequency to increase muscle while trimming down fat deposits. A similar energy-based treatment, Emsella®, improves women’s intimate wellness using energy. Patients can experience a significant reduction in urinary incontinence symptoms by using this therapy. 

RMBA Wellness Center also provides an array of medical-grade skin care products by Alastin® to reduce signs of aging and complement patients’ wellness program results. 

To explore the supplements and services available at RBMA Wellness Center, call the office or schedule an appointment online anytime.