Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss services offered in West Sacramento, CA

Managing your weight with nutrition and supplements is easier than ever with medical weight loss and remote monitoring. Marc Concepcion, DO, and the team at RBMA Wellness Center in West Sacramento, California, support you with a custom medical weight loss program complete with accurate body scans and algorithmic planning. Call RBMA Wellness Center or schedule your weight loss consultation online anytime.

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Medical Weight Loss Q&A

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is a customized service you can get at RBMA Wellness Center. If you have excessive body fat and haven’t been able to reduce your weight independently, medical weight loss programs offer expert guidance and support so you can see results. 

When you first visit RBMA Wellness Center for medical weight loss, the team evaluates your health and helps you set realistic goals for your personalized program. They can provide you with expert services and supplements to assist you in burning off fat. 

What does medical weight loss entail?

RBMA Wellness Center takes a unique approach to medical weight loss that includes an array of services. Rapid or poorly planned weight loss often results in adverse effects, such as muscle breakdown and lower metabolism, which can lead to regaining weight. 

With an expert medical weight loss program at RBMA Wellness Center, you have a higher chance of sustainable results. Your personalized program may involve:

  • A protein-rich diet to maintain lean muscle mass
  • Frequent monitoring of lean muscle mass and body fat
  • Protein and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) as appetite suppressants
  • Nutritional supplements like MetAssist and OmegaHealth
  • High-protein meal replacements

Taking part in a medical weight loss program can significantly improve conditions related to your metabolism, including hypertension, diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, and fatty liver disease. 

How does remote monitoring help with medical weight loss?

RBMA Wellness Center enhances your weight loss program with cutting-edge technology starting with a body fat scan. DEXA® scans show the amount of fat you have on your body instead of your body mass index, which doesn’t account for muscle versus fat. DEXA doesn’t work well for regular monitoring, so RBMA Wellness Center uses Cornerstone Wellness BC4. 

Cornerstone Wellness BC4 goes above and beyond to help track your medical weight loss results throughout your program. You can access your online dashboard to see an easy-to-read graph of your weight, body fat percentage, and lean body mass. 

The program’s algorithm calculates your recommended protein and calorie intake based on your activity levels and the date you aim to reach your goal weight. This process allows for highly accurate recommendations that you can easily follow between in-person appointments at RBMA Wellness Center. 

Call RBMA Wellness Center or schedule a medical weight loss consultation online when you’re ready to reach your weight loss aspirations.  

Visit Cornerstone Wellness for more and use code RBMA at checkout to redeem your discount.