Why a Medical Weight Loss Program Could Be Your Best Option

Feb 07, 2023
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Whether you want to lose weight to manage a chronic condition or for more general wellness purposes, finding the right approach can be challenging. Medical weight loss helps you avoid weight loss strategies that don’t meet your expectations.

Perusing the internet for the latest dietary supplement or crash diet to lose weight is usually a fruitless endeavor. Even if you exercise daily and are careful to avoid fast food, weight loss is rarely as simple as it seems.

Long-term studies indicate that most people who intentionally lose weight regain more than half of that weight in just two years. While various diets and weight-loss products claim to give you results “by summertime” or provide some other sense of urgency, that isn’t the best mindset to take if you’d like to keep the weight off for good. 

If your attempts at weight loss have not shown evidence on the scale, it may be time to consider a more scientific approach. Personalized and evidence-based medical weight loss plans at RBMA Wellness Center in West Sacramento, California, consider your personal health and requirements while offering ongoing support as you work toward your goals. 

Family physician Marc Concepcion, DO, can help you lose weight without compromising your health or depriving you of vital nutrition. Medical weight loss takes a one-of-a-kind approach that outperforms even the most popular diets, tips, and tricks. 

Science-based planning 

Some weight loss programs are designed to benefit almost anyone. Whether you experience those benefits is another story. In truth, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. 

To be sure that your medical weight loss program meets your individual needs, RBMA Wellness Center starts your program with  a  proprietary FDA Class 2 HIPPA compliant Internet driven BC4 bioimpedance device  to assess your muscle-to-fat ratio. Then Dr. Concepcion and  his team (  which includes a nutritionist)can tailor your program to account for your body type, health, and any chronic conditions impacting your metabolism. 

Ongoing support

Medical weight loss never leaves you questioning whether you’re on the right track. Regular visits allow you to check in with  Dr. Concepcion  and  his team and track your progress. He can make any necessary adjustments to your dietary recommendations, adjust medications like appetite suppressants, and provide helpful nutritional supplements throughout your program.

Remote monitoring increases your access to weight loss support and real-time updates regarding your health and wellness. You may access your online dashboard using our state of the art  technology , which produces easy-to-read graphs of your body fat percentage and lean muscle. 

Using the data, such as your activity level and weight updates, the app can calculate your protein and calorie requirements so you can refine your eating habits between appointments. 

A lifetime of great results

Unfortunately, many weight loss programs and products are so focused on getting you quick results that they fail to account for the future of your health and wellness. In fact, most people who lose substantial weight regain it within two to three years

From the very start of your medical weight loss program, Dr. Concepcion keeps your long-term health in mind. Your results should be apparent yet sustainable so your weight and any adverse health effects of higher body fat don’t return. 

Your medical weight loss program supports you in modifying your behaviors instead of directing you through a temporary diet or exercise routine. Rather than aiming for a specific date to reach your goal weight, medical weight loss is gradual so you don’t starve yourself as you try to meet a deadline. You’re not significantly restricting your calories or eliminating essential components from your diet, like carbohydrates. 

Start planning for sustainable weight loss today

It’s time to try an approach to weight loss that accounts for your personal needs. Schedule a consultation at RBMA Wellness Center online or with a phone call to get started with medical weight loss today.